Upcoming events in the Fireshed: the 2018 calendar is stacked full of ways to participate!

With funding from The City of Santa Fe Fire Department and the New Mexico Association of Counties, the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition is bringing you a stacked calendar of events in 2018! From public seminars and neighborhood chipper days, to interactive field trips, movie nights and requesting your very own field exchange, there is something for everyone!

This past winter was a sobering reminder of rising temperatures and increased incidence of drought. With the specter of longer and more intense fire seasons, it is urgent now more than ever to take concerted action to protect our forests, homes and watersheds. Visit the events page or scroll below to find out about ways to get involved. 

Fireshed Awareness Season: Spring Seminar Series 

The Coalition is bringing back the Spring Seminar Series! Starting on April 4th the seminar will be held every other Wednesday at REI from 6-7:15 culminating in National Wildfire Community Preparedness day on Sat., May 5th. This year we will be addressing topics such as, Environmental policy and assessments: what are they and why are they relevant?, wildfire smoke vs. prescribed fire smoke - what is the difference and how can I protect myself if I am sensitive to smoke?, and post-wildfire recovery: think ahead of the fire.

Schedule your own field exchange or mini seminar

This year, the Coalition is offering residents in the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed the opportunity to schedule your own field exchange or mini seminar for your community. If you and a group of your neighbors are interested in a specific topic related to the fireshed, we would be delighted to bring presenters to your community to help you learn more about what interests you! Visit the events page for more information and to fill in the request form to schedule your own mini seminar or field exchange.

Citizen Science: Using Instagram Photo Points for Landscape Documentation 

Stay tuned! The Coalition is going to install interpretive placards at established Instagram photo points in the fireshed to engage citizens in a landscape documentation project using social media. Locations and hash tags will be announced in June 2018.

Field Trips into the Fireshed 

Interactive field trips designed to engage residents in the fireshed will again take place in summer 2018. Field trips may include, a tour of ecosystems via the blue bus's Mountain Trail, an exploration of fire history through a guided run and mountain bike tour, a firescar scavenger hunt that you can do on your favorite hiking trails whenever you please! Finalized field trips will be announced in the Spring. Stay tuned!

Movie night

The Fireshed Coalition is going to offer a community movie night and panel discussion! Check the events page for more information, location and time TBD.