Briefing Papers

The Coalition is releasing a series of eight briefing papers in 2018 that will address foundational knowledge of fire ecology, wildlife and water resources.  Recently published papers are available below.


Fire History in the Fireshed

Fire History in the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed: Fire scars as a record of fire history. 

- Produced by the Forest Stewards Guild from research by Ellis Margolis, USGS.


NEPA Demystified

- Produced by the Forest Stewards Guild. Contributing authors are Hannah Bergemann (USFS), Sandra Imler-Jacquez (USFS), and Alan Barton (New Mexico Forest & Watershed Restoration Institute).

forest health

Insect Defoliation in the Fireshed

- Written by John Formby and Sherele Brooks, and produced by the Forest Stewards Guild. Based off of recent work from John Formby, Ph.D, New Mexico State Forestry, Forest Health Program Manager.

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The Intersection of Bird Habitat and Forest Restoration in the Southwest

- Developed by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Scientist Deborah M. Finch and Postdoctoral Wildlife Biologist Karen E. Bagne, and produced by the Forest Stewards Guild.