How the Santa Fe Fireshed affects you and your neighbors

September 16, 2017

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Hannah Bergemann, Fireshed Coordinator

Hannah Bergemann, Fireshed Coordinator

You may have started hearing a new term to describe the landscapes in and around Santa Fe — the “Santa Fe Fireshed” — which raises a good question. What exactly is a fireshed? The term was coined by concerned scientists, natural resource managers and nonprofit organizations after seeing bigger, hotter, faster wildfires over the last decade and realizing just how vulnerable the Santa Fe area is.

Many forested areas within the Santa Fe Fireshed are dense and overgrown with trees and vegetation due to a century of fire suppression. This condition is not only ecologically unhealthy but also raises the risk of high-intensity wildfire in and around our communities. A fire like the 156,000-acre Las Conchas Fire in 2011... Read More