Upcoming Webinar! Getting ahead of the wildfire problem

Linking operational fire response to landscape planning objectives

Date: May 17, 2017 11am AZ/12pm MDT
Presenter: Christopher O’Connor, US Forest Service RMRS Human Dimension Program, Wildfire Risk Management Team

Part of the solution to dealing with the increasing complexity of wildfire management is to reduce uncertainties inherent within active fire management, where time-sensitive decisions often rely upon incomplete information.  Breaking out of the wildfire paradox requires aligning the short-term operational objectives of incident responders with the longer term ecological and management objectives of landscape planning. Click here to register NOW!

This webinar will discuss three important aspects:

  • Using risk-based analysis to quantify the potential hazards and benefits of wildfire to the things we care about
  • Developing a network of potential fire control opportunities from characteristics identified from historical fire perimeters
  • Leveraging these control opportunities and risk assessment outcomes to develop response strategies that align fire operations with landscape planning objectives