Welcome Ambassadors!

Use this page to download resources that will help you to be an effective Fireshed Ambassador for your community. Check back, as we will continually update this page with more resources for you! Also see our Prepare section for additional resources.

Also don’t forget that we’re here to support you. Please contact us if you have questions.

Porfirio Chavarria - City of Santa Fe Fire Department - Wildland Urban Interface Coordinator - pnchavarria@santafenm.gov

Esmé Cadiente - Forest Stewards Guild - Collaborative Forestry Program Manager - esme@forestguild.org

Sam Berry - Forest Stewards Guild - Southwest Program Coordinator - sam@forestguild.org

Becoming An Ambassador

Welcome Letter

Volunteer Forms

As a Fireshed Ambassador, you are a volunteer for the City of Santa Fe. The City requires all volunteers to fill out this form.

Getting Started

50 ideas for action to get you started

This Flyer contains 50 action items that range from simple and easy to challenging that you can accomplish as an ambassador to help make your community ready for wildfire.

Sample Letters

You can update these sample letters and use them to reach your neighbors.

Engaging your neighbors

Ideas for engaging your neighbors.

Topic idea list for emails, blogs and discussions

Resource Library

Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes

NFPA has developed an online learning module that contains an overview of fire history, fire basics, and how homes burn. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and features videos of the home ignition researcher Jack Cohen.

Prepare your Home for Wildfire

This page on our website has a wealth of information about how to prepare your home for wildfire including indepth tips from the NFPA on everything from eave construction to fences.

Wildfire Preparedness Community Action Ideas

Here is a list of great ideas for community action with estimates of cost and planning time.

Smoke and HEPA Filter Loan Program

Information from our website about how to protect your health from smoke, including our HEPA filter loan program and information about selecting your own filter and buying masks.

Publications You Can Use

Home Hazard Assessments

Planning for HHAs

Download the guide

Download the worksheet

Use the resources above to conduct home hazard assessments. The guide is self explanatory so a home owner can go through the process alone but having an ambassador lead them through will lead to a better product and help provide them with a concrete and achievable to-do list. The worksheet accompanies the guide and produces a to-do list to increase your home’s wildfire safety.

Fireshed Ambassador Promotional Flyer

Fireshed Ambassador Promotional Rackcard

Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs)

Coming soon!

Emergency Planning

Emergency planning tips

This flyer is ready to distribute to your neighbors and contains basic emergency preparedness and evacuation tips.

Alert Santa Fe

The official line of communication that City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County use to distribute emergency information including evacuation notices. Encourage your neighbors to sign up for this program!

Ready, Set, Go!