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What does it mean to be a part of this program?


The Fireshed Neighborhood Ambassador approach means engaging with your neighborhood to help them understand their wildfire risk and encourage and motivate residents to take action to reduce that risk. This approach builds community and promotes taking personal responsibility for where you live – which is in a fire adapted ecosystem! Within this program, offerings can be tailored to the needs and context of a community while still meeting the overarching purpose.

There are numerous benefits to the Fireshed Ambassador approach - whether you are an Ambassador or a community member working with your local ambassador.

  • Engaging your neighbors to take action in targeted high wildfire risk neighborhoods

  • Accomplishing actions like improving egress and access, reflective signage, home hardening and evacuation preparedness projects in addition to fuels reduction around homes.

  • Enhancing relationships with fire departments and local forest and fire professionals

  • Building a network of residents who can share their experiences and help other residents as they begin their efforts for the benefit of the whole community.

  • Building a network of supporters who can encourage and support city and county wildfire policies and codes.

  • Increasing community capacity and preparedness in the event of a wildfire.

As an Ambassador, you will...

bring together your community to work collaboratively on wildfire preparedness, mitigate wildfire risk to your homes, and promote and support each other’s efforts. You could hold trainings on home hazard assessments and wildfire preparedness, and connect with community members on these topics. You will network and share stories with other Ambassadors to learn from each other and you will meet with local forest and fire professionals to amplify your message.

As a community member, you will...

work with your local Ambassador to conduct a home hazard assessment on your home to identify your risk to wildfire and take actions to mitigate that risk, develop a evacuation and preparedness plan for your family in the event of a wildfire, encourage your neighbors to do the same to create a safer and more resilient community as a whole.