The categories of participation are partner, advisor, and contact. Partners are organizations that support the vision and mission of the GSFFC, and that have signed the Coalition’s planning and strategy documents. Representatives of partnering organizations dedicate time to the GSFFC, participate on committees, and represent the GSFFC in their organizational activities. Partners also vote on issues before the Coalition. Advisors are individuals or organizations that are supportive of the GSFFC’s vision and mission, and that send representatives regularly to Coalition meetings. Advisors may serve on GSFFC committees, and participate in meetings and activities as representatives of the GSFFC. Advisors have not signed the Coalition’s planning and strategy documents and do not have voting rights on Coalition business. The GSFFC also maintains a Contact List, consisting of community organizations and individuals, including Fireshed residents, who wish to stay apprised of the activities of the GSFFC. Joining the Contact List is also the first step in becoming a partner in the GSFFC.