Community fire safety begins with YOUR house

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City of Santa fe Wildland-Urban Interface Specialist, Porfirio Chavarria: 505.955.3119

Santa Fe County Fire Prevention Specialist, Remington Gillum: 505-995-6532

The Wildfire Network, Krys Nystrom: 505.780.1082

The Forest Stewards Guild, Southwest Director, Eytan Krasilovsky: 505-983-8992 X16

Fire Adapted New Mexico Learning Network:


Home Hazard Assessment Guide

An important step in wildfire mitigation around your home and community is to assess wildfire risk in your home's ignition zones.

Download our Home Hazard Assessment Guide and Home Hazard Assessment Worksheet (to be used with the booklet) to determine your home's risk to wildfire and where you can make improvements to mitigate that risk.

Do you live in the City of Santa Fe? 

Did you know? You can inquire to receive these services:

  • Monthly green waste pick-ups on the first full week of the month between May and September.
  • Property wildfire hazard assessments
  • Mitigation agreements

Contact Porfirio Chavarria, the Wildland-Urban Interface Specialist for the City of Santa Fe Fire Department to inquire about these services: 505.955.3119.

Do you live in Santa Fe County?

Contact the County's Fire Prevention Specialist: Remington Gillum, 505-995-6532,